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NILSEN TRADING started up in 1992 based on an idea of networking in Logistic. This was based on the fact that information floats around the world in very short time but you still have to move the merchandise physically the old fashion way. This gives information a lot of time to move around before the merchandise are actually moved. To obtain information about producers and transporters and to actually make them cooperate is the Essen’s of what we are doing in Nilsen Trading. We have developed a rather big network of producers and transporters witch cooperate through Nilsen Trading. There are also rather big variations in seasons witch influence the transports in northern Scandinavia. We trade transport all year round and therefore we have great demands on our co-operators. This leads to a very high standard in security and service for the clients. The last couple of years with the development of Snøhvit gas refinery in Hammerfest area have lead to big demands on quality and safety in transports. We have got a lot of new customers due to the fact that we have handled the transport in an excellent way. Many of these clients have started to use us in other areas in Norway. Accuracy, security and price are some of the most significant variables in transportation. We have developed a system based on this variables and a good flow of information between us and the clients.

Phone: + 47 78 44 38 00 fax: + 47 78 44 38 01 or email: frank@nilsentrading.no